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Chapter 4,5,6 & 7

Chapter 4: Drop Off - Am I Alive ?

- Whooaaa we are flying ! - I said
- Just shut the fuck up. I can't hear my thoughts
- Ok.
(5 seconds of silence)
- So, hitman what are you doing ?
- I'm writing a message for Daimaou
- That's good
- Chikorita we gonna be dropped in no far time
- What ?
- I'm s-a-y-i-n-g   t-h-a-t  w-e  g-o-n-n-a  b-e  d-r-o-p-p-e-d  i-n  n-o  f-a-r  t-i-m-e
- W-h-y  a-r-e  y-o-u  t-a-l-k-i-n-g  l-i-k-e  t-h-i-s ?
- Because i can ! now... wait what's that ?
Not far away there were some creatures moving towards location of our stupid heroes of this book.
- Hey ! These are Chukoritores ! Sam speed up !
- But i can't !
- Ok Dario thanks for your lessons it's time to use this
- This ?
Gate Nr.666 release Gravity Manipulation Jutsu !
- It's time to have some fun.
Chikorita started to jumping over monsters and throw them at each other with his manipulation power. He jumped back to Sam wing and said:
Dark Rain no jutsu !
Suddenly it's started to rain. All Chukoritores have been stunned and Chikorita said:
It's time to one kick ass jutsu !
- What is it ?
Bad Communication Jutsu !
The creatures started to spinning and in no time they exploded.
- What the hell was that ?
- It is my special jutsu that i learned by mixing Break for me jutsu made by Dario97 and Spinner time jutsu made by Anakin.
- Which Anakin ?
- Anakin Skywalker of course
- So, he lives ?
- Yes, but for now he just runs a dojo called "Drunking dragon"
- What ?
- Shut up you two. It's time to go to our destination. If we gonna be late Dario's will be mad
- Okay Hitman.
They started to moving forward but then suddenly Sam was halved in two pieces.
- What the f...
Hitman and Chikorita started to falling to the ground. Higher Aaron was floating above the ground with his killer's face.

Chapter 5: Fire From The Sky

- So, Butter did you hacked the system yet ?
- Wait a minute ! I'm still working on it
- For the hands of death 
Reaching through the night
Death comes swiftly from above
The universe has come undone
Fire from the sky !
- Wait a minute what are you doing right now ?
- Well, i'm singing
- About what ?
- Fire from the sky
- Exactly, just aren't you afraid that something like that will haunt us
- Why ?
- Because if we don't destroy Ally Country Of Norris Brothers there will be a great war !
- Butter just shut the fuck up. You drinked to much and i know it. You thought, that i wouldn't notice that !
- What ?
- You are addicted to cola !
- No i'm not. Now watch on the road. You gonna put me into another shit !
- Yes of course, but it seems, that everything that happens now is because you forgot that damn password to this fake banana !
- No ! It's because you have started a big fight with Chuck !
- No ! It's because you have become a stupid slave of Syndicate. You should listen to this what is talking to you right now !
- And what's that ?
-...Fire from the sky !
- Just stop singing this. It will be a terrible disaster if you gonna sing that song !
- Well you got luck. I now only chorus, so don't worry be happy
- Wait what's that ?
I looked into sky and noticed, that Hitman and Chikorita are flying on Sam.
- Don't worry it's Sam,
Suddenly, a big person respawn behind Fisher and cut him into two pieces. Chikorita and Hitman started to falling down.
- Speed up dumbass ! - Butter started to scream
- I can't
Suddenly i found myself on atomic wasteland. What is that ? - i asked myself.
- It's world !
- Wait who is that ? Show yourself !
Far away was standing a man. He started to approach my destination. When the sun stopped blinding my eyes i saw him. It was me, but different me. His eyes were cut off and face had many scars and wounds.
- Just what happened to you ?
He smiled.
- Well, it's all, because you haven't listened to him then.
- Who ?
- Yourself ! There is a corner in your soul, that you never know of it. It's place, where justice and light doesn't exist. Just hear it. Hear the calling and it's gonna give you power. Power that now can save your friend's life.
- But how i do that ?
- It's simple. It's taking control of you right now.
- Dario ? Hey Dario, what are you doing ? - Butter was asking, but there was no answer.
Dario left the car and Butter take over the wheel. He jumped to Chikorita's destination and saved him from falling down. Hitman landed without any trouble. Dario put back Chikorita on the ground and attacked Aaron with his fists. Aaron started to avoiding them, but he couldn't. He was hit with all of Dario's force. He flew over a bridge and fall to the lake.
- What do you mean ?
- You are fighting with Aaron right now, but your soul is now here. isn't that simple ?
- Well it isn't ! Just take me back to the real world !
- No ! I was sended here to kill you.
- But why do you do such a thing ?
- You don't understand do you ?
I'm from the future. The war has ended. Chuck won, because of your and Chikorita lack of experience. You were blinded by greed and pride, which you have been given by fooling Chuck once. But now, there is no time for this explanation. I must kill you, so the world will be saved from destruction !
- Yeah, right and you really think i'm gonna simply give up ? Go Dario secret jutsu "Super spider rescue force".
Suddenly, a division of spiders respawn, behind bad Dario and tried to kill him, but he simply crushed them with one hit.
- That's all, what great Daimaou has ? You are pathetic, there is no hope for you.
- Forgive me Blejk, because i'm about to sin.
- What ?
- Dario contract respawn jutsu !
A giant frogman has respawn with a long list. He went to Dario and said:
- Welcome Daimaou. I thought that we never gonna meet again
- Well, Pinky boy the world has always a bunch suprise for us.
- Yes, what do you want now ?
- I want to sell a 15% of my soul to unlock "this"
- Hey weirdos ! - bad Dario screamed
- Oh Pinky boy look at him, he looks just like me, right ?
Pinky boy looked at evil Dario and said:
- It's not you. He is a imposter. He just went through Botox surgery.
- What ?! How dare you to insult me ! i was send here to save the world and now i'm talking to a fucking frog. I think i was send back to late to save humanity. This is a fucking joke. I'm going back. See ya fuckers !
Evil Dario dissapeared and the conversation between the old friends has been continued
- So, Frogman can you give me "this"
- Yes of course, just write here a word "Muffin"
- Okay
Dario wrote that word and a giant head and hands of Dan Green respawned.
Dan took a soul slayer from his mouth, put it in his hands and stabbed Dario with it. A white mass has been sucked into the sword. it was Dario's soul. When the sword stopped absorbing energy Dan took it and dissapeared.
- See ya Dario i'm gonna be late for new episode of Bleach ! - said Pinky boy
- Wait Pinky ! Bleach has ended already ! And by the way i have a question.
- What ?! Bleach has ended. Somebody gonna lose his head today ! So what do you wanna know ?
- How can i get out of here ?
- There are door behind you. See ya !
- What ?
Dario looked behind and saw a door flying around the wasteland.
Wait ! Comeback here you stupid door. I want go back home ! Shimatta !
Meantime in real world
Aaron has teleported from the lake to Dario and tried to kick him, but Dario grabbed his leg and broke it.
- Hey Dario wait for me ! I want some fun too - shout Chikorita
He said "Muffin" and started to flying, but Dario threw Aaron into Chikorita and they both fall to the ground.
Hitman looked at Dario and saw his scary smile. He levitated and laugh like a devil.
That's not Daimaou - said Hitman
- Get off me you stinky bastard ! - screamed Chikorita kicking Aaron in other direction.
- Hey you - said Dario
- Me ? - asked Chikorita
- Yes you ! I'm gonna kill you next !
At the same time in fake world
Get over here fucking annoying door. Dario grabbed door and opened it. He found himself at the place with many doors. Which are the doors to my world ? He opened one and saw Tristam. Well it's not my world and besides i don't want to fight Diablo again. He went further and opened next door. There was a war between man and machines. No ! I don't want have this terrible dream when i'm human again. Wait ! I'm human. WTF ? He randomly opened next door and started falling to the ground. Suddenly, Chikorita kicked him.
- What are you doing idiot ?
- You wanted to kill me !
- Me ? No fucking way, watch out there is Aaron behind you ! Chikorita jumped to Dario destination.
- Hitman come over here !
Hitman came to their destination.
- We must come up with plan. We can't fight with this ugly creation just like that. Look at him he is mad, because Dario broke his leg !
- I did ?
- Yes and you pissed him off too. Baka !
- Hitman !
- Yes, Daimaou ?
- Take Chikorita deep to the ground i'm gonna end this with one jutsu !
- Ok
- Hey what are you doing Hitman put me down.
- Sorry but i can't. Go teleportation jutsu !
Hitman and Chikorita vanished. There were only 2 creatures on the battlefield
Okay Aaron. It's time to destroy you. Go secret ninjutsu "Fire from the sky"
Dario jumped to the lake and started drilling a passage deep to the ground, while a fire started falling from the sky. Aaron started to burning and choking, but he couldn't survive. His demise caught him.

Chapter 6: Hollow Inside

I was under water. Fire after a while stopped falling and i reached the surface. There were burned ground and destroyed buildings everywhere.
- Fuck ! I overdosed this time with power. It's gonna be a scandal from it
I reached to my pocket and take off phone from it. I tried call to Hitman
- Sorry, your cash has ended. Please, fill cash to your account or fuck you
- Wait, what ? Whatever. I'm glad, that my phone is still working. It was under water. My powers protected this thing from flooding. I'm sugoi am I ?
- No you don't !
- Wait who is this ?
- I'm behind you
I turned off and saw a man in white clothes and scar on his face with sunglasses on it.
- Who are you ?
- Who am i ? What a stupid question. I am I !
- Listen i'm gonna call you Ugly-sama ! Now find me some phone. I must give a call to someone
- You don't realise in what you have been thrown ?
- Well, just before you came here i was in a fucking lake trying not to become a burning fish like this one !
This white-fuck guy thing looked at Aaron corpse.
- What ? It's Aaron ! Who did this to him ?
- Are you stupid or something ? There was a fucking fire rain just a while ago. This guy didn't stand a chance against it. Just bring me some phone !
- Wait ! I just arrived here minute ago. Tell me what happened here !
- So, this guy tried to kill me and my friends. I just used my new power to destroy him.
- What ? It can't be. How a jackass like you could kill my sensei !
- What did you say ? Jackass ? You gonna apologize me right now or die like him !
- Hahaha you are just some bullshit punk, who just think that can insult my senpai ? I'm gonna teach you some maniers, brat !
- To your information i am Daimaou, a ruler of this world. Now bow before me !
Ugly-sama run to me and kicked me. I flew some way and hit the street. I looked at my watch. It was destroyed.
- You shithead ! That's it. I summon now my Monkey army ! Go Summoning No Jutsu !
Suddenly, a squad of robot monkeys appeared.
- March my slaves. Fuck his ass now !
2 minutes later
- Help me. Somebody taskete ! Help ! Save me from this nightmare.
- No one will save you. Nobody's here.
Suddenly someone punched me again. I flew again through the same stupid street !
- Just what are you doing baka ? Cancel this show now !
- Okay. Vanish my monkey slaves. See ya soon
- ugujugujuguj - monkeys answered and vanished
I got up by myself and saw a furious face of Butter.
- How could you leave me there. I could get killed by flames baka, baka, baka konoyairu
- Sorry Butter, i totally forgot about you
- Well, there won't be any excuse for your s..
Suddenly Ugly-sama kicked Butter to the river.
- Listen you Daimaou freak. I don't give a fuck who was it, but we still didn't end our fight ! Go 8D punch strike jutsu !
Ugly-sama started to punch Dario very faster. Dario grabbed him and throw him at the building. His head thrust into wall.
- I never forgive you ! You destroyed my phone ! - Dario shouted
Suddenly a white mask with some black parts started to creating on his face. He losed control of his body. A new Dario said:
- Is there, is there, is there, is there someone to kill ? Mwahahaha
He laugh, like a scream of Kyo from Dir En Grey xD
A dark aura started to appearing on him. 
Meanwhile, original Dario was standing in some old warehouse. It was very dark there. He couldn't even see his own shadow.
- Ijahahahahaah - someone laugh
- Who is that ?
- It's a me, dog
- Well, i can't see you in this dark place, so could you please get some light here
- How could you not see me ?
- Because it's freakin' dark here. Can i go home already ?
- No you can't. Okay, then i will give a light to this place
Suddenly, the room was filled with bright light. There was a person standing in front of Dario. It was also Dario, but with one exception. A black body.
- A..hahahahahahaha - Dario started laughing
- What's so funny ? - asked Black Dario
- No wonder i couldn't saw you back then. It's probably hard to see you at night, Hmm am i right ? ahaha
- Are you making fun of me ?
- Yes
- Then could you be so polite and give me your body then ?
Black Dario attacked Dario. Dario's hands were cut off.
Meantime in real world
Dario's transformation into a hollow was already in it's final state. He was preparing a Cebro Attack to destroy the world
- What have you done to my arms ?
- Hihi mwahahaha i just cut them off. I will kill you and rule over the world !
- But why ?
- Because, i am Hollow
- But why ?
- Because, i'm evil
- But...why ?
- I don't know, i'm just evil, What you expect ?
- Well, you are fake me. That's what i see. Also, this is my world right ? So, vanish bitch ! Go Dario's Special Leg Jutsu: Mind Crush !
Evil Dario disappeared and transformation into a Hollow stopped. Hollow body vanished and there was again normal Dario standing. With a mask of course !

Chapter 7: Blinded By Mask - A Feeling Of Darkness

What is this ? Why i can't see anything. What ? I have a mask on my face. How can i put it off ? That way or maybe that ? Fuck this is just brilliant. Now i don't even see is there a enemy behind my back. While saying, that there was a person standing behind him.
Meanwhile at secret destination
- Hitman just why you brought me here ?
- This are secret caves, that were asylum for Batman
- What ? But, Batman does not exist !
- No, he exist and feels pretty good
- Hitman ! We must turn back and help Dario
- Why, he didn't asked for help
- Well, i know him for a week i simply feel, that he could lost his phone or something
- Okay, then. Let's rescue Daimaou then. Come we must hurry
Meanwhile at destroyed city of Poland

- Hey is anybody out here ? Please, help me put this mask off. I can't see a damn thing
- I help you - said mysterious person
- Okay, just take it off
Dario's mask was taken off by a person, that he never believed, that would help him. It was him. The forgotten one ! Dario took mask from his hand and started to running. Chuck respawned in front of him and kicked him in his face. Dario started to flying, while Chuck's very fast kicks were simply throwing Dario in different directions. Dario was feeling pain. When, a yu-gi-oh card was torn in pieces in his pocket, by Chuck's kicks, Dario heard a voice. 
- Put me back
He though he just going insane, but the voice was repeating, He looked at his mask. It wasn't so special at all, but Dario had nothing to lose. He put mask on his face and simply fade out. A Hollow has awaken inside him. He grabbed Chuck's head and stuck it with all his force in rock. Chuck vanished and started hitting Hollow Dario.
- Ahahaha that's all you've got ? I can't believe, that Dario was so afraid of you. Go Dark Blade Jutsu !
A dark blade appeared and Hollow Dario grabbed it and tried to stab Chuck. The forgotten one was avoiding blade by his legs, that had many reiatsu in it. The fight was at final state. They were so fast, that typical human, couldn't see them fighting. After a while Chuck was tired and Hollow's power was still rising. Chuck was terrified, by a look of his opponent. He was looking with every second more scary and insane. He was still laughing
- What's that ? The great Norris is tired ? Really, you are more annoying, than dog shit. It's time to end this now ! Zebel Blast !
A big wave of dark power, tried to kill Chuck, but he activated his defense. He survived Zebel Blast attack, but his leg was Hollow Dario's next victim. He respawned behind Chuck and bite his leg ! Chuck's leg started bleeding. He started to run and making some marks on his hand. Suddenly, a passage before him was open and he jumped to it. Hollow Dario didn't make it on time to jump into this monolith. I will kill you, just wait Chuck.
- Go away !
- What ?
- Go away ! I don't need you
Dario's left hand tried to remove mask from his head.
- What are you doing ? Stop !
- I don't need you. Just perish Akuma !
After some time Dario removed the mask and he saw again this rotten world.
- Hurray i'm back
- Dario ?!
Dario looked behind him. There were Chikorita and Hitman running into his direction
- Hey, why are you back here ?
- I sensed, that you were in trouble
- Yes, my phone was kinda... destroyed
- You see Hitman ? I knew it
- Yeah, Chikorita you were right. What are your orders Daimaou ?
- Well, it's time to rescue Capten Blejk. The space pirates base is not far ahead. So we just walk there :3

Thanks for reading ^__^

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