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Chapter 14,15 & 16

Chapter 14 - New Enemy

- Okay, girls where the fuck are we ?
- Well, we're already at Sasuke place
- But i don't see Chiki anywhere
- I'm here
I looked at the roof of this pathetic house. He was standing there. His loli harem was so happy and calmed, that they found him, but something was wrong... he should say something funny, smile or react... it was like his eyes were... dead
- Hey, Chiki come down here, we need to talk
Suddenly, other person revealed itself... it was this bastard... Uchicha Sasuke... he said with his so proudy, fuckin' annoying voice...
- Isn't this all might Daimaou, looking at me from below... like a parasite ready to be crushed
- What the... Chiki kill this fucker now !!
- Well, Dario you see... Chiki is under my control now... we've become best friends, right ?
- Yes
- But, why man, i've searched for your stupid harem and...
- Hey we're still here 
- Shut the fuck up bitches ! Why you've forsaken me Chiki ? Answer you brainless fuck !
Sasuke started his stupid laugh...
- Mwahahahaha... you know... i've made from your friend my kawaii little toy, just to crush you... i've already known for 5 years, that you were this guy, that blown up my ice cream van... then i started to study your behaviour and movement... when i saw, that you found your student... this idiot (he pointed at Chiki)... i've went to Chuck and spoked with him... we have a deal... i will be the one to crush you, but first let me use my slave... Chikko !
- Yes, Master
- Kill this bug, NOW !
Suddenly Chiki respawned behind me and kicked me with all of his force. I've jumped over the roof and tried to punch Sasuke, but he teleported himself into unknown location.
- Come back here - Chikko screamed
He jumped to me and started to punch me... i've had many problems with blocking his attacks... he took from his pocket little knive and cut my face... i've started bleeding... i heard this voice again, which was calling me many times... put it on... put it on... Chiki grabbed me and tossed me on a rock... i was already wounded... i couldn't think about anything else... i've took this mask from my backpack and put it on my face. Strange darkness surrounded my mind... i've started to falling down in my rotting imaginations, trying to not become insane... i've felt asleep...
- I want to kill you, fucker ! - screamed Chikko
In very big dust was standing a person... Chiki couldn't see it, but he was 100% sure, that it was Dario. Suddenly, a group of scary looking man with masks on their faces surrounded Chiki.
- What is it ? - he asked
Suddenly, one of those things kicked him into air, while the others started making some weird seals... I must escape from them - Chikko said... he started to fighting them, but their were to strong... Chiki kicked one of them in the face... his mask crumbled... it was him... Hollow Dario !
- What are you doing here ? - asked him Chiki, like he knew this creature
- We're here to kill you - they said with their scary voices
- You should stay out of this... this is fight between me and Dario !
- Sasuke have broke our rules... we will kill him and creature that were infested by him... that means you !
- But...
Hollows started to respawning from everywhere... they're came from air, from ground... five seconds later Chiki was surrounded by legions of Hollows with 12 Hollow Darios as their commanders
- I don't know what that means... we're same things you know - he said scared to death
- No... we've took control of Dario, but you're didn't took control of real Chiki... you're a failure... die now !
All monsters jumped on Chiki ripping his body apart... 
Whaaaaat the fuuuuck ! - Chiki screamed 
He woke up in the forest... Man that dream was so real !
- It's not a dream - said person behind him
- Who are you ?
Mysterious person took hood of face
- I'm Wendy, i've saved you from Zions
- What are those Zions ?
- Those are creatures, which are superior race to Hollows, they've took control of your friend, Dario
- He's not my friend... not anymore
- Well, maybe you've forgot about him, but he didn't forgot about you
- What do you mean ?
- Zions are taking control of humans to make their evil plans come true, but i saw that your friend evil side, took control of them... i've looked into his mind and i saw, that he thinks about you all the time !
- Why ?
- I don't know, he see in you his most powerful enemy... he see a fallen angel, that will save the world from destruction
- But i'm not an angel
- Well, we can't discuss about it now, we must to move on
- But i need some answers !
- Okay... they are looking for you right now... their presence makes your heart cold as ice and your mind becomes paranoid... you can't look into their eyes... you understand that ?
- But, why ?
- They can trap you into illusion with no exit
- How do you know all those things ?
- That's simple... i'm Zion myself
- What ?
- Don't worry... i'm from the good guys group. I need to transport you far away from Chuck, Zions and Blejk. We will try to re-awake your angel side to help us stop evil
- Let's go

Chapter 15 - Trapped Inside Hollow Mind

Where am I ? Why it's so dark here ? I'm scared, help me !!!
- Hello Dario
A fire started burning on the sky... flames reminding clouds... bloody moon, black sun
- Where am I ?
- You're in your mind... do you don't see your trade marks everywhere ?
I looked on the ground, there were corpses of people I annihilated
- Is this some bad dream ? I want to wake up !!!
- It's not a dream, it's a reality !
- Who are you ? Can't you help me ?
- Who am I ? You should ask who are YOU !
- But, i'm not evil... i don't want to see this nightmare
Mysterious person showed his face to Dario... it was an ugly hollow with an eyes of a Demon and wings of an angel
- Who the fuck are you man ?!
- I'm your true self. The awaken Dario !
- No, you're not ! Real Dario likes Gintama, that means i'm the real one !
- Nooooo Dario, real Dario never liked Gintama
- That's not true !!! Stop it !
Many strange looking creatures surounded myself... i saw their devastated faces with sick smiles. They started saying at the same time
We are Zions, our leader is our master. We will never leave him. Our mission is to destroy the world and kill those who oppose us... our enemies do not stand a chance against us, we are controllers of all minds, we will not rest until we find, the one that is threat to our lifes !
- And who the fuck is that ?
Demongel Dario said:
- I thought you would say it to us
- What ?
- What do you know about your friend Chiki ?
- He's a midclass spellcaster, nothing special really, can we go back to part, when i ask you... 
- So, you're saying his just normal spellcaster... you're lying... Aizen !
- Yes, master Dario
- Cut his leg off
- With pleasure
-NOOOOOO ! My leg i'm bleeding.. STOOP
They started laughing, like it was a funny joke
- I'm repeating my question... who is Chiki and where is he ?
- I don't know !
- Aizen can you remove his left eye ?
- Of course
- Waaaait !
- So, you gonna say where he is ?
- Well.... NO, FUCK YOU... i'm stronger than you... go forbidden jutsu Immortal Calling !
Suddenly Dario's leg have reconstructed itself... he shouted: Tatsumaki Shouryuken !
Hollows were stunned and couldn't move... only Hollow Dario could move
- What did you did ? - he screamed with anger
- I've just gave my master Karin, 20 years of my life, by becoming immortal for 20 minutes... 
i don't want to scare you.. but you're all fuckin' dead
- You'll sacrifice yourself to save your world ? Why ? Is it for your friends ? You don't have one. This world is all rotten to the core, but you still want to save it ? WHY ?
- Because world needs a person like me, i'm Daimaou, I decide who lives and die... now go burn in abyss
- You won't stop us !!! Zions, can't fall !
- We'll see about that !!!

Chapter 16 - Whisper of Ancient One

Wendy and Chiki were escaping from Zions, while suddenly one of them kicked Chiki... he falled to the ground... Wendy picked him up and started to preparing her special jutsu... Zions surrounded them.. she screamed: Ring of Fire !!! A great flames smashed all Zions into ashes, but the new ones started to respawn..
- Chiki ?
- What Wendy-chan ?
- I'm gonna distract them, while you'll gonna run for your life
- But..
- NOW !
She tossed Chiki far away and started to fighting with Zions, while Chiki was running away... 
Some of Zions went for hunting Chiki... 
I must run, i must run, don't look behind. Suddenly one of the Zions catched Chiki.
Chikko shut his eyes, but Zion took a blade gently cut of his left eye and he looked at him....
Chiki found himself at red river of blood on some dark wasteland... Zions were standing
around him... they were all smiling and one of them said:
- We've found you mwahahaha
He punched Chiki with all of his force, while the other ones tried to cut Chikko to pieces... 
Chiki prepared his jutsu... Fireball !!! Some of the Zions were wounded, while the other ones were still coming...
I think i won't win this fight - he said to himself


- So, Hollow Dario you fuckin' poser come and kill me
- No, Dario... i'll give you a gift... you attack me first
- Okay, asshole
- He ripped Hollow Dario to pieces...
- That was easy
- No it was not... Dario looked behind himself and Hollow Dario punched him...
- This fight is meaningless... you won't beat me Dario... i told you we're immortal...
- What about this then ?
Dario took from his pocket the one ring
- No you can't do it !!!
- Yes i can !!!
Dario said: Mordor Reverse Jutsu !!!

Dario started saying:

Burzum agh ash nazg krimp- agh gimb to me... I'm one to rule them all and to bind them in darkness, now I stand on the ashes of their forgotten land, by only one thing, which will crush them all... light is in the place of the ring... i give you pure heart to kill them all... try to understand me Eru, light fill this abyss now !!!

Sun started to shining again and clouds and sky returned to normality... Zions started to
burning to ashes...
I must go there before it's to late ! - Dario said
Meanwhile, Wendy was fighting with Zions and she felt that Chiki was attacked... wait for 
me... she teleported near Chikko and saw that he's dying...
She went to him, put him on her shoulders, she felt he's very cold.
- Don't die Chiki you need to be strong
- No, i've have... lost fight with them... i'm fading... away
Wendy started to crying... she kissed dying Chikko, and he said:
- Hope, we'll meet someday again somewhere
- Yes, we must
Chiki closed his eyes.. his life presence vanished
Wendy was shocked... suddenly she heard a voice
- Put him on the ground
She looked behind and saw Dario with a shotgun
- It's you !!! You've killed him you fiend !!! 
She tried to punched him, but he touched her and turned her into stone... You're Zion too, even if you're good, i must erase you, Eru's will must be done... he crushed her. He looked at Chiki. Man, you're so dead. But don't worry, be happy. BOOOOOOOOOOOOM. Dario shot Chiki with a shotgun and he suddenly woke up !!!
- What the fuck man, i'm trying to win Oscar here !!!
- You should say thank you, i've revived you !
- You made a big shit ! Wait what's that ? - he looked at crushed stone
- Nothing, it was just something... do you remember anything ?
- Yeah, we were walking to Katsura castle and then those chibi lolicons attacked us
It's good, that he doesn't remember anything what happened next - said Dario in his mind
- So, Dario, where are we going, i'm hungry
- Well, we're all tired, so let's go to Sasuke Police Department
- Why ?
- Well, i've got some business with him and you're hungry and they have amazing donuts
- Okay, let's gooo - said happy Chikko
And they went into the side of rising sun. Dario has now in his backpack Ring of Sauron, Death Note and wings of King Zion. What's planning his darkest side ? Will they survive at meeting of Angry Yakuza Nekos and what the fuck happened with Chiki Harem ? All of those questions will be answered in Chapter 17 ! :D

Dario's Point of View of ATTH:

In next chapters there will be a lot of new characters and many stupid jokes, because the last 3 chaps where more serious and heartbreaking, the next ones will be more funnier :) Also, a great fights awaits main characters and struggle in their hearts, while Dario will try to control his Hollow and Chiki will try to cool his head down for rescuing his harem... Also Chuck will be very pissed thanks to Butter, who have became new leader of Syndicate ;3 So, those are new changes in the book :P i won't change the style of writing it, or adding some shitty flashbacks, Chiki wanted to have Wendy in this book and i gave her to him :P now she's gone and he probably want to have her back, which doesn't apply to the storyline, so NO, i won't revive her Chiki :P But you can adjust a new character to the book if you like :P

Thank you 4 reading :)