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Chapter 0,1,2 & 3

Chapter 0: The Begining

It was rainy and cloudy day. The sky was blue as always and my cola has ended. I was terrified and went to buy some of it. I saw strange shadow following me, but i tried to ignore it. When i was back I sit again on my awesome chair, but then visions of the past started to haunt me again. There was a black raven flying around red, burning river. He looked at me and sayed: Your destiny has finally caught up with you. Soon you gonna uncover the site, where you gonna find a fallen angel which gonna help you fightning with "Him". I asked the raven: With who i'm gonna fight ? The raven dissappeared, but his final word sayed "Texas". I woke up. I was again siting in front of my crappy computer. I was fooling around and i found a site. It was called pretty normal. The banner sayed "Anime-Planet". I clicked there and registered myself. After sometime i found a guy named ChikoritaBH. We started to chat. We were having great fun then, but we really do not know in what event we gonna take a part. It was seventh day of our chating. Suddenly someone respawn behind me. It was him. The forgotten one. The first creature created by a God. He was standing and looking at me. Chuck Norris itself. I called my dog Sammy The Brave. A great battle has begun. Me and my dog against creature more powerful than even God. We started our strikes, but Chuck was simply avoiding them. After a while we started to winning, or we thinked so. Chuck looked really tired, but it was his strategy to make us too softy. I created a seal and tried to seal this unholy beast to another dimension, but he was to powerful. Even Kyubi didn't stand a change against him. I prepared my rip-off jutsu of Naruto. Go Rasen-shuriken ! Chuck absorbed some of the damage, but he couldn't stop it. Me and Sammy have opportunity to destroy him, but yet we didn't think that he could have such awesome powers. He simply run through the walls. He already knew that I and Chikorita were reincarnation of his most feared enemies. He regenerated his strength and tried to assault Chikorita's house. I gaved to my ally power to manipulate gravity and he was prepared to meet his nemesis. Chuck senses were wrong. He couldn't find Chikorita's home, but he found island were Hugh Laurie was preparing for new role for new tv series called "Dr. Box". With all of my chakra i teleported to Chikorita's home and became his sensei. A huge war has started back then. A war that no one can stop. A war between the Fallens and Chuck.

Chapter 1: The Ally Country Of Norris Brothers

- Faster ! Chikorita remember this, that you must faster write the word Muffin on your shoulder with blood. If you not gonna do this properly you gonna die !
- But it's just to hard
- Don't worry i have trust in you. 
I pushed Chikorita from tower. He was falling down pretty fast, but i knew, that he eventually won't become a part of street (you know what i mean right ?). Before the ground he write spell and started to flying. Yeah i'm flying - he shouted. But he was knocked out by the road sign. 
- Man i must always heal you. Does anything, that you are involved with end as a failure ?
- No, but my pet snake was murdered by my maid
- What the f... - I asked myself
- Go to your home and wait for my guards there. They will be there in a few hours. By that time don't open door to anyone or Shinigami gonna find you
- Wait ! Why does Shinigami want to find me ?
- No reason
I teleported myself to my house. It was in ruin. Chuck was here and was looking for something. I saw a torn photo. The leftovers of it were me, but someone was missing. It was my old friend Capten Blejk from the Konoyarou town. I felt terrified. What the hell Chuck's wants from him ? I reached for the phone and call him, but there was no answer. I was pissed off, because my chakra wasn't regenerating so fast. Someone knock to my door. It was my old friend called Butter with dynamite.
- Capten Blejk was captured ! - he shouted
- By who ?
- You don't believe, but it was Aaron Norris !
- It can't be. He died in a car accident, when he fell down from the cliff, because he was blind and everyone know, that blind people cannot drive a car without breaking the rules of Kami-sama !
- I'm telling you it's truth. And i can pretty say that he saw us. I escaped, but Blejk didn't had much luck. Aaron kidnapped him and run off stealing our new jet prototype.
- Wait did you just said jet prototype ?
- Yeah, we actually started some tests, but then this fucker attacked us.
- But how he can be alive ?
- Our organization called Syndicate think, that he was ressurected by Chuck, but we still checking this information.
- Who is spying on them ?
- Our best agent BK201. He also find out that the Ally Country Of Norris Brothers has been formed !
- What about it ?
- Well our informators said, that the members of them are leftovers of Akatsuki and Samurai Pizza Cats, but this information can be fake
- But were he can be moving right now ?
- Well we installed transmitter on it, so don't worry.
Butter took from his pocket a wierd thing and then I asked:
- Why this looks like a banana ?
- It isn't banana baka yarou. It's a equipment only for space pirates. Now wait a moment
Several minutes later
- Why for fuck sake you can't track him down ?
- I forgot password to it
- You little...

Chapter 2: Chikorita's Path

Where are they ? They suppossed to show up after 2 minutes. Wait ! Dario said that they gonna be after few hours. With that thought someone kicked door out and screamed: 
- Are you ChikoritaBH ?
- Yes i am - i said scarred to death
- Well, that's good i'm Hitman your new bodyguard. And this is Sam Fisher.
- Where is he ? - I asked
- I'm in this aquarium dumbass !
- What ? I thinked that Fisher is just name. I don't thinked, that you gonna be fish.
- Well i'm sick of hearing it for fucking thousand time. Why we even have to protect this guy ?
- Because it's order from Lord Daimaou
- Wait. Who is Daimaou ?
- It's a person, that is stronger than any human on this planet. He is called sometimes Dario97 and sometimes Angel Of Death.
- Ok i think i know about who you are talking about, So what's your name ?
- I'm Fisher idiot !
- I wasn't talking to you !
- I'm Hitman
- Yeah i already know that, but what's your name ?
- Hitman
- Hurray i'm surrounded by idiots
Suddenly, a phone called. Hitman take it and started a conversation.
- Yes, we are protecting him. Yes, we have become friends. Yes, Fisher also accept him
- Yeah right - said Sam
- What ? Blejk was captured, that's terrible. No i didn't watched new episode of Gintama'
- Hold on is this Dario calling ?
- Yes
- Gimme him
- Halo ?
- Yes i'm listening.
- I want some answers.
- Yes i'm listening
- Stop saying i'm listening !
- Yeah what do you wanna know ?
- I wanna know... WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON ?!
- Well, my friend Capten Blejk was captured by The Ally Country Of Norris Brothers and now i'm gonna go with my friend chasing the new jet.
- What did you just said ?
- I said that i'm gonna fucking go to space pirates base. Hitman gonna take you there too, so don't panic. 
- Wait just in what fucking event did you linked me to ? And what are space pirates ?
- Well i'm simply don't gonna say that they are downloading illegally stuff about space. They are piloting spaceships, Now gimme back Hitman. I must say in what hangar you gonna be dropped.
- Did you just say dropped...HEY Hitman gimme back this phone now !
- Sorry, but i can't. Hangar number 666. Ok i understand. No ! I'm not gonna watch One Piece !
Ok gentleman. Fisher it's time for your spelljutsu.
Fisher said: The Blazing Wings jutsu.
Suddenly, Fisher was becoming more bigger and his hands were changed to wings.
- Ok Chikorita. Here is our transport to hangar. Now get on. We must hurry !

Chapter 3: Trying to move on ! - Dario tribute

- Ok ! Hitman said that they gonna be there. Did you found password yet ?
- Wait, i'm still hacking to it's system
- I cannot believe that you are such a dork. How can you even hack it ? It's a banana and it doesn't have any hole to hack in.
- Well you can say that, but this technology is from Syndicate. It's not simple to break it.
- I think, that this technology was made by some nerds who cooperated with Billy Hoyle.
- Who is Billy Hoyle ?
- I don't even know and that proves something.
- What ?
- That this technology is a piece of crap. Now come with me. We must find some taxi to take us to the space pirates base.
We walked through the streets and saw a taxi. Taxi ! - i screamed. It doesn't stop.
- You've got to be shiting me
I went to my home for self-made bazooka with target finding.
- It's time for some destruction
- Wait you can't just blow a taxi, because the damn taxi driver didn't stop when you called him !
- Why not ?
- It's against the law !
- Law ? I don't know about who you are talking right now.
I fired up. The rocket hit the taxi. The taxi driver escaped from the car. When we saw who was driving it we were shocked. It was Terry Ping. The guy which was our worst enemy, because he was camping in Battlefield 3 and had ping over 150.
- Hey Ping ! What are you doing out here ? Still trying to get a job ? Well, i must say, that i'm not gonna pay for those damages at your car.
- What ? It's you ! How dare you destroying every job that i'm doing ?
- Because i'm a Daimaou. Now go find me some taxi
- NO !
Dario special move: Mind possesion jutsu !
- Now go find me some car and bring it to me !
- Yes, master !
3 Minutes later
- What the fuck ? I only told you to bring me some car. Not taking it with your two hands ! Nevermind that. Just put it very slowly on the ground without breaking it !
- Yes, master !
- Ok Butter we have some transport.
- But what we gonna do with him ?
- Pingfuck !
- Yes, master ?
- Go to the bridge and jump the fuck off !
- Yes, master
- Ok Butter get in.
We get to the car and Butter started driving. 
- What's model is this car ? My dog is faster than this shit !
- Yeah i agree even if i don't know him
- Well, it's Sammy The Brave.
- Where is he now ? I don't saw him at your house
- Well he is now with James Bond on some special, covert mission. He didn't even told me where is he going
- Wait, you said he didn't tell you ? I think that's pretty normal.
- No ! He has royal blood of Uchicha clan flowing in his veins, so he can talk.
- But i was at your home many times and he never spoked a word !
- That's because he consider's you as a failure and i must agree with him
- You little...
- Watch on the road dumbass. It's 400 meters to their base.
Digidong, digidong.
- What's that ?
- Well it's my phone. Hitman text me that they moving now to base, so we must hurry. They can find themselves in combat and then who is gonna safe them ?
- Emmm... Chikorita ?
- Hmmm... Well i teached him some moves, but i don't think that he gonna win with Chuck. Even i couldn't stop him.
- Wow. We are speeding up !
- If you consider speeding up with moving like a cockroach, then i must tell you, that you have something wrong with your brain.
- It's truth ! We speeding up. 3 minutes and we gonna be there.
- Ok let's switch up. You have to break that password right ?
- Yep

That's all for now, thank you for reading :3

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